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Partner with us to develop cutting-edge Career Technical Education Programs and gain access to GenEdSys’ comprehensive digital curricula and support — for teachers, districts, and students! Once your program is created and expertly authored, it will be seamlessly integrated into GenEdSys’ expansive library.

Engaging Digital Lessons

GenEdSys generates courses that follow the blended learning and flipped classroom models. Students are self-guided through the self-paced online modules.   Students and instructors are guided through project-based learning to enhance hands-on instruction in any environment (community organizations, programs, schools, colleges, and districts) or can be completed independently by students without an instructor.

Assessments & Reporting

GenEdSys generates information such as the course’s topic, learner enrollment, learner performance, and learner feedback (rating, survey) in order to customize and present the course in a suitable format to best enhance the learning experience. When assessing analytical insights about students’ learning processes, GenEdSys can improve knowledge and skill acquisition accordingly.

Industry Support

Industry-standards-based technical curricula and safety training for schools, colleges, programs, and community organizations. GenEdSys readies students with professional-level competency in safety and trade training.  Through our partnership with Manpower San Diego, we provide paid internships for students who earn a certificate of completion for their respective programs.

Sample Curriculum

Award-Winning CTE Programs

We create curriculum for all Arts, Media & Entertainment Sectors 

Below is a sample of the Production and Managerial Arts Pathway curriculum written for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD). This curriculum is part of the award-winning film program nationally recognized by Advance Career Technical Education (CTE) as one of the top film programs in the nation. All the curricula created by Robyn Charles have been approved by the University of California A-G.

Sports and Event Coverage

Students cover high school athletics and events to practice telling a variety of stories — including profiles, trend stories, and insider analyses — across digital platforms. Emphasis is on storytelling, although proficiency with the various platforms, camera operation, and video editing is a primary course objective.

Digital Film Production

The entire process of making a silent film is the process of mastering Composition, Coverage, and Sound Design skills, all before diving into the full spectrum of filmmaking covered in Year 2. In this course, students will produce their first silent film to master these techniques.

Broadcast Journalism

The fundamentals of Broadcast and Production practices as well as producing digital content for mass distribution. Students will work behind and in front of the camera, to develop a technical foundation in camera operation as well as experience in on-air reporting, play-by-play, analysis, and sizzle promos. 


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“When I began working with Ms. Charles, I expected that she would be able to help me strengthen the learning goals for my Production Design curriculum. I got so much more.

She brought a new level of holistic and intentional planning to support my students’ learning experiences. With her in-depth understanding of the subject matter and collaborative approach, she developed scaffolded lessons that are exactly how I want to teach my 9th-12th grade classes. All of her lessons were interactive and easy to follow, with relevant historical references.

In addition, Ms. Charles was such a pleasure to work with, had such a quick turnaround, and was always available for review sessions. The type of holistic approach she brings to her work truly maximizes both student growth and instructor satisfaction.”

Jean Francois Revon

Theater Stage and Set Designer

Oakland School of the Arts

“Robyn Charles and Education Media, LLC were an integral part of differentiating the SDSCPA middle school AME video production course curriculum. She took the time to gain a real understanding of the significance of the middle school course in the training scope and sequence and delivered a truly comprehensive unit set that is connected to pathway standards and supports multiple learning styles. Robyn is a fantastic partner to have in education and I highly recommend her AME curriculum writing and course development consultation services.”

Tom Antl

CCTE Program Specialist

San Diego Unified School District

“Education Media’s film program at LAUSD is a transformative journey for aspiring filmmakers. Through the art of creating silent films, students master essential skills in composition, coverage, and sound design, setting the stage for their exploration of the full spectrum of filmmaking in Year 2. The Broadcast Journalism course further hones their talents, offering hands-on experience both behind and in front of the camera, from technical camera operation to on-air reporting, play-by-play, analysis, and sizzle promos.  With a holistic approach and a keen understanding of subject matter, Education Media elevates the learning experiences of students, fostering a deep passion for the craft and driving both student growth and instructor satisfaction.”

CTE Instructor

LAUSD Educator

Course Design & Development

Education Media creates personalized and online curricula that guide students and instructors through Career Technical Education project-based learning following the flipped classroom model that can be implemented in any school nationwide. Our modules meet the State and National Standards for Career Technical Education (CTE) and are being developed for and by CTE Teachers in partnership with the California Department of Education. Our curriculum complements hands-on instruction in any environment or can be completed independently by students without an instructor.  GenEdSys is the complete learning management ecosystem empowering teachers to engage in the development, refinement, and use of digital materials – including lesson plans, videos of instructional practice, and formative assessments – improves student learning experiences and teacher effectiveness, which is the foundation on which the Education Media teacher-support model is based.


Coming Soon! Generative: The Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) from blockchain brings the power to generate, originate, and produce records, certificates, and diplomas securely on the blockchain or reproduce curriculum for schools nationwide.


Education: Providing 21st Century Skills with Career Technical Education standards-aligned, ready-made digital curriculum. Learning analytics allows educators to measure and report student learning to better understand and optimize learning.


Systems: GenEdSys compiles and manages student records across multiple schools on the blockchain. School administrators, recruiting firms, and other interested parties can easily verify the credibility of the credentials submitted to them.